The elves came to be in ancient times, far before history was written or told. They were nothing until the gods breathed life in them; they were mortals until the gods took them in as their own. They were gifted with long life and vast knowledge.

When the gods embarked they left Viddheim to their students, trusting the elves to protect the world and its secrets. Four castes were created, each assigned with a sphere of responsibility.

The Himnir were assigned the world’s high places; wind and clouds, birds and storms.

The Darmnir were to protect the deep places of the world, places of great powers and secrets.

The Forlnir was chosen to watch over the deep forests and beasts of Viddheim, granting nature their protection.

Lastly there was the Sivnir who was to protect Viddheim from threats from the outside, powers not from this realm.

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