In the hills of the east one can find holes which leads to a network of tunnels. If one followed these tunnels further one could come upon a chamber at the nexus of this network. If one were lucky this chamber could be filled with heaps of loot and treasure.

Despite this, if you weren’t lucky, these tunnels wouldn’t be empty and before you knew you would find yourself overwhelmed by a big pack of goblins.

These vicious creatures terrorise the countryside like pests. They overwhelm travellers and mug them, gathering the loot in collective lairs.

The fiends are no more than five or six feet tall and their skin is an olive green. Their long arms are lanky and thin as sticks. Their heads are the size of pumpkins and their ears are pointy. Their wide grins are filled with sharp teeth, their noses are barely more than slits and their eyes are big and glaring, like those of an animal.

They dress in rags and handle simple weapons like clubs, stones or sharp sticks, or whatever they get hold of during their looting streaks. They speak no language others can understand but communicates with shrieks, snarls and other noises.

The danger lies not in facing an individual goblin but in facing a big group of them. At times their packs have grown to the size of small armies.

They bravely (or perhaps in idiocy) battle for the slightest prospect of loot and shiny gems, but are known to flee in panic if fought with fire.

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