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Krustallos body-structure can vary indefinitely in size and appearance due to their "sprout" infancy. Their bodies consist of silicon-based fibres and distinctive organs are sometimes hard to make out; their bodies are sometimes regarded as one single super-organ.

Krustallos are highly adapted for gathering energy and substance. For instance, they can absorb raw material, fuel and liquids directly into their bodies, as well as being capable of complex photosyntesis.


All Krustallos are connected through a telepathic link, allowing information to be shared freely.


Most krustallos are able to produce tendrils similar to the roots of earth plant-life. These can spread through solid substances to gather raw material. They can also be used for direct communication between Krustallos over large distances.

The spreading of these tendrils is a slow process but it is also hard to stop once started.


Krustallos reproduce through "sprouts" that release from select adults. A sprout contains comprehenvie genetic information from its predecessors. It may lie dormant over or under ground for up to fifteen decades before entering "adulthood". During this dormant time the sprout measures it's surroundings in a variety of ways, including telepathic exploration of surrounding organisms. The post-sprout organism's physical conditions are determined by the information given and gathered by the sprout.



Death is a concept that Krustallos have a hard time relating to. Krustallos do not die in the same sense that other organisms does. Their bodies are more accurately "reshaped" and given other properties. A majority of the information stored in their bodies remains in one form or another. Irreversible destruction of an individuals "eccense" is rare and even if it would occur the Krustallos only view it as a more through "reshaping" of the individual.

Some Krustallos can also choose to be "reborn" after physical termination if conditions allow it.


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