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Readers most prominent physical trait is their ability to decode genome and alter their own genetic code.


Readers enter a chrystalis-phase once in a while to process their complex genome. During this time they are covered in a thin membrane that helps to supply the reader with nutrition and oxygen.

The chrysalis can last between twelve and seventy two hours. It is during a chrysalis-phase that a reader can go trough the most extreme physiological changes.

The chrusalis-phase occurs roughly every second or third peak of tidal force from their homeworld moon. The frequency of the chrysalis-phase can be drastically altered if this pattern is broken or changed.

Some readers can enter the chrysalis-phase at will and amplify its effects.


Readers reproduce through a modification of their chrysalis phase. The membrane is thicker in this case and the reader degenerates. After seventy two hours the reader is reformed into two almost identical "siblings", both in possesion of the knowledge the original reader had. These siblings remain in the "infancy"-phase for three- to five years before reaching adulthood yet again.



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