During the seafaring of the Haufmen they came upon lush green islands in the south. There grew exotic plants and beasts never seen before climbed in the tall trees. When curious explorers ventured further into the cluster of islands they were shocked to be confronted with humans already settled there. These men were not anything seen before, however. Their skins were dark, their bodies covered in little more than loincloths, body-paint and bizarre ornaments.

Their language did not match that of the Haufmen, however, so relations grew sluggishly. When some of the visitors died of foreign diseases they retreated back to their brethren. The tale of the discovery of these peculiar men soon spread. Unfortunately so did the new deceases.

Over the following years people of the west died by the thousands. War was raging further east and the winters grew more savage every year. Trade was not what it used to be. Poverty and strife held dominion during these times.

The west was badly crippled, their numbers decimated. As the disasters begun to subside they begun rebuild, and step by step they worked their way to improve their lives.

Many years later the western king, Lord Sevnir the Astute, sought a way to bring back power to his weakened people. He recalled the tales of the Mythic Islands and saw the possible benefits relations with the mystical dark-skins would bring if they bonded, despite the deceases the last visit had brought from their lands. He soon sent representatives to the islands to negotiate.

After many years the two peoples have successfully established bonds in both politics and trade, however shallow they might be. Intermarriage is not unusual and exotic goods are shipped from these wondrous islands, granting both people wealth.


The dark skinned men, or Suavvno as they call themselves, are a mysterious people. Despite their new relations to the Haufmen they hold many secrets in the depths of their forests; their culture is filled with mysticism and foreign gods.

Their hair and skin is dark, between a rich brown and a pitch black. Their stature is short and their bodies are lean, while their faces are round with full lips and dark eyes. They dress in extravagant and exotic clothing, ornaments and jewels, but bare skin is not rare. Their culture is rich and colourful.

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