Welcome to the Wiki. Now show us your worldEdit

There are wikias for anything that exist; be it cars, food, celebrities or your favourite TV show.

But what about the rest? What about the worlds that DOESN'T exist?

That's where we come in! This wiki focuses on the things that only can be born in our own minds; worlds different from ours.

These contributors doesn't pass on the words of others - they CREATE the content and support others in doing so.

ANYONE is welcome to add their own stories, fantasies and projects to the site, be they complex realistic galaxies or small but beautiful fantasy-worlds.

Three stub universes added!Edit

There are three uncharted worlds added to the wiki! These are

Add your own Universe to this page to start the maping of your own world!

Wiki FocusEdit

Add content!Edit

The wiki needs content to grow. Add anything with the simple wikia tools to contribute!

Fix typos!Edit

A clean wiki is a good wiki. Fix typos to make it better!'

Give critique!Edit

Once the wiki is starting to fill with content you should give constructive feedback to the creators. Use comments for this!

Latest activityEdit

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